A SLAP IN THE FACE from Bear Republic Network on Vimeo.

A floundering¬†pot-peddler discovers that there’s more to life than just money.

Hello everybody, my name is J. Eric Sandoval and I wrote and co-directed this short-film.

When I was going through the Producer’s Program at UCLA Extension, I started having problems feeling the right side of my face. It cost me every dime I had to find out what was wrong with me and had to choose between finishing the Producer Certificate Program at UCLA Extension and my music degree at SMC OR find out why I couldn’t feel my face, taste my food, and why I was stumbling, bumbling, talking funny, and experiencing vertigo all the time. I chose to find out what was wrong with me and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by 3 different doctors. But rather than sit around feeling sorry for ourselves about it, we decided to take action and shoot this short.

I received my first diagnosis of MS on my 38th birthday. That very first doctor of a three doctor trifecta had given me the most profound advice I had ever gotten in my life. Although I had to drop out of school due to the viciously misanthropic nature of the American medical system, one day my wife says to me that she has vacation coming up and that we should use the time to just shoot something, anything, saying that we should just take action rather than keep talking about our dreams and ideas. As the incomprehensibly astounding power of the universal law of attraction would have it, 4 years later to the day on my 42nd birthday we wrapped production on this film.

This short-film was also made in an effort to raise money for the original feature movie production of HELL FOR THE HOLIDAYS. So we took the first three scenes of a feature I wrote and rewrote it to make a nice little stand alone short to share the wonderful advice my original diagnosing doctor gave me with other people with MS in hopes that it will raise their spirits and remind them that life is what we make of it and that we are stronger than MS. I may have MS, but MS will never have me!

This short-film is dedicated to a very special doctor who said the most important and profound thing that anyone had ever said to me, and it is the message I want to share with you through A SLAP IN THE FACE.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Written by – J. Eric Sandoval
Executive Producer – Akane Sandoval
Produced by – J. Eric Sandoval & Akane Sandoval
Directed by – Akane Sandoval & J. Eric Sandoval
Edited by – J. Eric Sandoval & Akane Sandoval

Music Licensed in perpetuity by
Premium Beat
NEO Sounds