Bear Republic Network


Bear Republic Network is an adult-comedy stop-motion animation project created by J. Eric Sandoval & Akane Sandoval, that is directly derived and inspired from original artwork, paintings, sculptures, and product-design by Hotdog n’ Bun

About Bear Republic Network

In April 2004 my wife and I first started Hotdog n’ Bun as a t-shirt company and we had absolutely no clue what we were doing. We both had dreams of producing film and television projects but it just seemed so far off and remote of a possibility, yet we still were determined. Being that my wife is from Japan, we’re always discussing politics and international affairs as geopolitics is a personal passion of both of ours. My wife is an artist and our t-shirts weren’t really taking off all that much, perhaps too political, but counterculture people such as ourselves really liked them. My wife would always doodle bears, all the time. One day she showed me these amazing sketches that were so adorable, yet horrifying in its reality and I said to her, “I think you’re onto something there.” Soon a flurry of these Amazing paintings emerged of Fascist totalitarian societies populated by bears and secured by Fascist Piggies. She started making teddy bears, each with a unique individual face, and when we would set up our little shop at craft fairs and art festivals, the t-shirts sort of fell by the wayside because people would buy as many as 10 bears at a time and we were selling thousands of dollars worth of bears. I created BEAR REPUBLIC NETWORK, because I wanted to give high-dollar value to my wife’s paintings, and we have more than 20 webisodes available to watch on YouTube, Funny or Die, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and many other video-share websites and social networks.

BRN is currently in development for sale or license to a network and we are seeking to collaborate with other comedians, writers, voice-actors, musicians, sound-designers, motion graphics artists, and producers to build a master-mind group to take this project to the next level. We already have a number of products emerging for sale and branding as well as iPad and tablet games in development.

The possibilities for branding and product licensing are unlimited.