Criminal Virtue


is a live-action episodic crime-drama about international organized crime in Los Angeles that is based upon the personal life experiences of the show’s creator J. Eric Sandoval.

In this economy, criminality is a virtue.

A small-time crook in over his head does his best to protect the people he loves from from his criminal world, only to discover that they’re much closer to it than he knew.


STEVE VIRTUE is a two time college dropout and dreamer with a heart of gold. Melissa Lee is a twice divorced Chinese Indonesian refugee with three undocumented immigrant children from two failed marriages. Against everyone’s advice, Steve rents an overpriced apartment with her and her three children right across the street from Melissa’s mother and the rest of her bizarre extended family, all of whom look at Steve with nothing but suspicion and disapproval.

Pouring drinks since he was twenty-one, Steve was never afraid to break a few rules to make ends meet. Together with his overly ambitious partner WOLF (Scott Wolfe), the two of them have been making money peddling anything from drugs and bootleg DVDs to counterfeit fashion goods. When Wolf drags Steve into a high stakes ecstasy deal way out of their league, Steve finds himself caught between the Weho Mob and the Russian Mob, with an Israeli ex-commando club owner breathing down his neck to make it all right.

Meanwhile, the harder Steve tries to hide his criminal world from Melissa and her family, the harder it becomes for Melissa to hide the fact that her mother Maria, the ruthless widow of a Triad society Godfather, just might be more dangerous than all of them combined.

Every episode of this one hour drama draws Jake Virtue deeper into the criminal world, to levels he’d never dreamed of reaching… nor wanted to.

We currently have a 13-episode first season developed. More info at