FACE SLAP from Bear Republic Network on Vimeo.

Before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the right side of my face went completely numb.  I thought I could just walk it off before my wife gave me a good FACE SLAP to set me straight.  So we made a little movie about it.

Face Slap was originally written as a one line scene from a feature screenplay I wrote, titled HELL FOR THE HOLIDAYS, which was the source material for A Slap in the Face.  But my co-star’s acting chops and professionalism was so on point, I decided to rewrite the scene to be its own stand-alone short so that I could showcase my wife’s paintings without distracting from the story of A Slap in the Face since that itself was the first three scenes of Hell For the Holidays where the paintings were more written into the story so as not to distract.

I am hoping to share this with the great MS community in hopes of inspiring people newly diagnosed with MS.