I’ve spoken to numerous people who thought that they missed the boat when it comes to cryptocurrency investment, but I’m telling you, it’s barely getting started. Don’t listen to the naysayers, become a practitioner and get involved. Start small, like we did. Once we bought some Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, we both opened and confirmed our IDs with Binance, which is a fantastic cryptocurrency exchange, which last relocated to Malta, where cryptocurrency exchange laws were more forward thinking. We heart Binance, very much and have found it a great place to purchase Altcoins such as Tronix TRX, Ripple XRP, NEM coin XEM, Verge XVG, Red Pulse RXP, or Cardano ADA.

tron-trx-logoRIPPLEnemcoinvergeRed Pulse RPX logocardano ada

But Binance doesn’t have everything, ya know. See, as much as all of us cryptocurrency speculators and traders like to think of it as investing similar to stocks and the like. But to me, it’s almost like playing roulette. Some folks don’t care for roulette, but that’s pretty much the only game I play when I actually go to Vegas and I double my money every time. So, being that I’m an avid supporter of cannabis, both medicinal and recreational, I just couldn’t resist getting my ass onto Bittrex to pick up some Hempcoin THC and Potcoin POT, just because it’s not only wrong but stupid of the Federal government to continue their ridiculous draconian anti-cannabis campaign. Since they don’t want to allow banks to participate nor permit for the creation of cannabis credit unions, a cannabis industry cryptocurrency was the next logical step. For those of you who are against cannabis (A.K.A. marijuana), then ask yourself if you feel that it is proper to treat the American public like livestock in regards to what we are allowed to ingest, while hypocritically giving carte-blanche to the alcohol industry willy nilly? I will remain bullish on cannabis industry connected cryptocurrencies for the foreseeable future.  But as I’ve stated before, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research, because in the Wild Wild West of Altcoin Investment, there are undoubtedly more shitcoins than there are fantasy fortune fulfillment Altcoins in circulation or available for trade.

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I also got on Kucoin to get my virtual hands on some other altcoins that aren’t available on Binance or Bittrex, which is the thing about altcoin investment.  Binance and Bittrex are a little more discerning as to which coins they allow onto their exchange, as where KuCoin plays it a little more on the fast and loose side of things in my opinion.  But again, don’t take my word on anything here because at the end of the day, I’m just like any other Internet know-it-all jackass out there.


Telcoin TEL, and some Odyssey coin OCN, mainly because they were dirt cheap and I liked what they’re up to, which we can get into in another blog post.

ODYSSEY OCN logo telcoin


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