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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS (How the Hotdog Met the Bun)

At ______________, we’re more than just a company, we’re a family. Don’t you hate companies that say that shit? Exactly the crock of crap coming out the crackhole of a creep who wouldn’t give a crippled crab a crutch, right? So I won’t say it like that, but here’s the thing… In 2003 I was living foul, doing dirt for a living of which I won’t go into detail just


For the better part of four years, Mrs S and I had been either selling stuff online, schlupping to retail stores on sketchy consignment arrangements, or doing craft fairs like Felt Club, originally selling just leather-crafts such as belts, notebook covers, handbags, as well as original cigar box art handbags, and t-shirts that we designed and silk-screened ourselves. But something happened in towards the end of 2006. When we first


This is a re-edit of our very first stop-motion animation that I had originally developed as a 3 minute stand-up comedy set that I was working through at open mics. CATCH UP (Birth of a Republic if you haven’t read that blog-post yet) But if you already read that one, carry on and keep reading. Shortly after contracting the Swine Flu from Hello Kitty; yeah, you just read that correctly.