This is a re-edit of a previously released video.

I wrote this on a whim, shortly after Mrs S and I started making stop-motion animation videos. This was an easy one because at the time when I wrote it, it was right after Newt Gingrich made an ass out of himself yet again, and I really just couldn’t help myself. At the time, I was doing stand-up comedy at open mics and pretty much most of what I wrote came from doing stand-up and writing jokes. But here’s the thing, if there’s any one particular actor on the political stage in the United States of America that absolutely gets on my last nerve, it’s Newt Gingrich, specifically. The man hasn’t even been in an elected office for damn near 20 years and yet somehow he manages to weasel his fat ass onto television screens on cable news networks like he’s some kind of elder statesman, when in fact, he was never anything more than a sleazy hack. He took American politics down a road from which it has never actually recovered to this day, and in fact has become an absolutely cesspool of sleazy characters just like him doing a conga line through the Washington DC revolving door.
This was actually our 3rd video and more will be on their way soon!

More to come…

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