An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Remember that? I grew up believing that statement and it ended up costing me dearly.  I was juicing apples everyday thinking that it was good for me.  You know, it’s “all natural”, right?

“Milk, it does a body good.” Remember that little doozy? Maybe not, you might not be that old.

Back when I was a kid, Health Education was always a requirement. You had to take Health to graduate both middle-school and high-school. We were taught about the 4 Basic Food Groups.

  1. Dairy group
  2. Meats group (fish is meat, folks)
  3. Fruits & vegetables group
  4. Bread & cereals group

We were indoctrinated into believing that you’re supposed to have a little something for all four of the food groups at every meal.  Breakfast became the most important meal of the day when I was a kid.  I don’t know how it was for the kids raised  before the 1970s and 80s, just my generation.  What was everyone’s favorite thoughtless breakfast food to let their kids serve themselves?  Cereal, of course, and since it was served in a bowl of milk, there’s 2 of the 4 groups right there.  Add banana slices to the cereal with a few strips of bacon, and you had all 4 of the 4 basic food groups covered right there already.   We knew eggs were bad for you, but you could always count on Madison Avenue to follow the Edward Bernays propaganda model.  Have a look. 

Later on, and I think we’re still rolling with this one, the Food Pyramid seems to have become the go to indoctrination mechanism.  But before we go getting into any pontificating or finger pointing, understand that you alone are responsible for your own health choices.  I’m just letting you know what you’re up against so that you can make better ones.  I’m not trying to tell anyone that I know everything because I’m not a nutritionist, only an individual who knew better anyway and didn’t make good choices when I knew better and ended up developing multiple sclerosis because of it.  People have a tendency to follow the experts when it comes to health experts.  But when it comes to health experts, just remember one thing…


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