original artwork courtesy of hotdogandbun
original artwork courtesy of hotdogandbun

Surely by now if you’ve already read more than one of these “health” category blog posts, you would’ve seen the question by now.  Have you asked yourself yet? If not, I’ll ask again.  How do you control 300,000,000+ people with access to firearms?  Well, in the spirit of intellectual honesty, allow me to concede that by no means are there 300,000,000 gun owners.  Only 3% of the population own 1/2 of the 310,000,000+ guns in the USA, and the actual gun-owning population still doesn’t exceed 40% of the US population.  But this is a post, not about gun control nor gun rights, but about controlling a population with unprecedented freedom and liberty among all other nations.  It’s not as difficult as one might assume, probably because any notions of liberty and freedom in the USA being preserved simply because we’re allowed to purchase, own, possess, store, and shoot firearms of numerous varieties from coast to coast plus 2 are naively motivated in false senses of nostalgia over past historical events that the majority of us didn’t participate in or were manipulated or coerced into participation.  But again, I digress, because this actually is a post about health.  My health, your health, the health of your friends and family, the health of the nation, up to and including the people that we may or may not like individually.  The answer to my question is actually in the painting at the top of the page, can you see it? It’s the system that’s staring you right in the face every single day, calling out to you all day long.

NEWSFLASH, it’s not a conspiracy, but at the same time it’s not, not a conspiracy.  It’s been a long standing joke at our home, “if you ever wanted to see what the Anglo American Establishment is up to, just watch television.  They’ll tell you.” If you hadn’t already read my previous essay on how you could apply that joke to real life, >>CLICK HERE << because our television lineup isn’t just national and geopolitical narrative based but also market based.  But let me ask you something, how many times have you seen this commercial on the telly?

To tell you the truth, it’s been my observation and experience that most Americans take their “freedom” and liberty for granted and tend to place limitations on the liberties and freedoms that we really do possess in this country of ours, despite all the politically motivated restrictions, regulations, and self-imposed limitations.  But rather than truly exercise them, Americans mostly limit their freedoms and liberties to the right to all-you-can eat, the right to watch TV as late as they want, and the right to get drunk. Anything beyond that, well after opining about their rights to own firearms to protect themselves and their families from the government, if you ask about marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, or LSD, they’ll remind you that it’s against the law and the law is the law.  But all day long, over and over again, somebody like Larry the Cable Guy might appear on your television (or device) to remind you that in America, we have choice and that freedom of choice is what makes America American.


Immediately after Larry the Cable Guy just told you that America’s awesome, and that you can eat all you want if you just take the little pill, you won’t get heartburn in the first place, what comes on next?  Oh you know this one…

quickly followed by a reminder that your appetite is absolutely insatiable, but if you go to one of their other restaurants, you can eat as much as your growing belly can be stuffed with so that the $21.99 you just blew on that Prilosec OTC that Larry’s jury-rigging cable-thieving ass just sold your fat ass only two commercials ago will come to good use.  So eat all you want, they’ll make more…

What’s more American than apple pie?  Oh that’s right, BEER!  Just what the body needs to go with all them baby back ribs, pasta, and those bread-sticks that Olive Garden’s so famous for.  Interestingly enough, nobody plays the ‘Murica “patriot” card more than the All American King of Beers, Budweiser by Anheuser-Busch InBev

As if it weren’t already bad enough that we’re giving our children immune system compromising and mucus making milk in this country, which is only supposed to be consumed by baby cows, incidentally.  Why not feed your developing child some behavior modifying and immeasurably addictive sugar with some equally addictive added chocolate which was ironically was harvested by enslaved children, to further make parenting easy?  Here, check it out!

No, you’re not fat, you’re just big boned.  Here, have some of this deliciousness from the actual “#1 Mexican restaurant in America”, just watch what they’ve got in store for you!

I could go on and on, but ultimately all these commercials lead right here.  You can deny it if you wanna try it, but just like all roads lead to Rome, all roads lead to your ultimate enslavement to the system, their system. It’s all about control.  When I repetitively asked, “how do you control 300,000,000+ people with access to firearms?”, I’m hoping that by now you’ve figured out that this is pretty much precisely it.  These are the chains that you simply do not see in a system of control that offers unprecedented freedom and an illusion of security. But there is no security and all security systems were nothing more than systematically normalized systems of coercion that we didn’t notice because we were too busy looking for other bogeymen that we failed to notice that those systems of surveillance and control weren’t put into place to protect us from terrorists but to protect the controllers from us.

I don’t propose that I have all the answers, but one thing’s for sure.  Their system of control is pretty much based on turning Americans into livestock by making them fat, sick, tired, lazy, fidgety, drunk, and broke or just two paychecks from ruin at all times.  There’s a reason individual health insurance coverage that offers right and proper protection is more than your rent or mortgage. Just like there’s a reason that you have no choice but to sell out any and all hopes and dreams to the slave and grind of a 9 to 5 at a big company with great health insurance, as opposed to being able to purchase great insurance at an affordable rate.  It’s about control, and your physical health is their hostage, the chains that you cannot see.


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