When I first moved out to Los Angeles in 1992, just five or six days after the Rodney King Beating Verdict ignited riots that set several noticeable upon arrival portions of L.A. ablaze.  Growing up in small town Midwest America, we didn’t have a lot of easy access to alternative media as you would find in a city like Los Angeles.  I’m not saying that we’re particularly unique in that regard because Chicago was never all that far from my hometown, but in small town America an underground bookstore just wasn’t all too common.  In L.A., I’ve met all sorts of different people from all walks of life who’ve passed me information of various significance, books, pamphlets, files, and the like. I never knew that there was a name for it until I recently started seeing various YouTube videos talking about “predictive programming.”

24 giphyIf you ever want to know what the Anglo American Establishment is up to, just watch 24, they’ll tell you flat out.  I read some material more than twenty years ago that explained how this system actually works.  Allegedly, between the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the RAND Corporation, and Stanford Research Institute, a psychological profile of the American public is performed annually to determine just what we the people are ready to accept next.  Based on such input, trends and fads are preset for everything from music to fashion to film and television as a part of a societal destabilization to further centralize authority and ultimately control it through such destabilization.

Narratives are easiest to implement through film and television, and as far as I have been able to determine, it goes kind of like this.  Your news media is lying to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365/12, on just about every mainstream media news outlet.  But you are being fed tiny snippets truthful information mixed up with Hollywood razzmatazz (A.K.A. “bullshit”) and it’s implemented in this manner so that you’ll already be of an unofficially indoctrinated train of thought where if the actual truth were somehow exposed, you already knew it anyway.  Meanwhile, actual whistle-blowers get mixed in with the hodgepodge of self-anointed research journalists on YouTube and blog-pages like this one. Any of the Hoi Polloi out there like myself who calls the system out on their thought-form propaganda can easily be dismissed as someone who saw one too many episodes of 24, one too many episodes of the X-Files, one too many episodes of Person of Interest, one too many episodes of the Man in the High Castle, or just one too many episodes of ________________ .

NEW YORK TIMES 9:12:2001

Enter Jack Bauer and Fox Television’s hit series, 24.  Before I go too far here, don’t get me wrong because I too enjoy a bit of escapism and 24 happens to be one of my all time favorite shows.  But my little 24 dissertation here is really one of the main things I love about it, that and the action. Being that I’m a closet gamer fanboy too, I had the game and loved that too.  I’ve always been an admirer of Kiefer Sutherland too, being that he can cowboy with the best of them and I’m one of those weird bookworm blogger pothead musicians who actually likes rodeos and thought that he was badass in The Cowboy Way, but I digress.  As I had stated previously in 24, the Ultimate Salesmanship Mechanism, it was awfully coincidental to release a “real-time” War on Terror action thriller just 2 months after 9/11.  I don’t believe in coincidences, so there’s that. But back to “predictive programming”, because with the exception of two things, the ridiculously overblown terror scenarios and Hillary Clinton, everything else on 24 pretty much came to pass.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s start from the beginning, Season 1.  Season One of 24 starts off, not necessarily on the radical Islam tip right off the giddy, but we get a vague explanation about how our covert activities in the Balkans are coming back to bite us in the ass.  But in a vain similar to 1997’s the 5th Element (Tommy “Tiny” Lister), 1998’s Deep Impact (Morgan Freeman), 2003’s Head of State (Chris Rock), and 2006’s Idiocracy (Terry Crews), the Military Industrial Complex propaganda wing that is Tavistock, RAND, and Stanford Research Institute’s predictive programming present veteran actor, DENNIS HAYSBERT to let y’all know  —>> BLACK GUY, gonna be the President of the United States, and you are going to just LOVE him.  Plot starts out with Jack Bauer’s daughter, Kim, being kidnapped and it turns out that not only is there a plot to assassinate the first black candidate who has a real shot of winning the White House, at his job as a federal agent for Counter Terrorism Unit Los Angeles, but that his daughter’s kidnapping and his previous work in the Balkans, is at the heart of it all.

Let’s start with the torture, shall we? It didn’t really dawn on me right away, but come season two it was already kinda filling itself in. Never underestimate the devious nature of the Fascist in the sense that you must always remember that degradation is their endgame.

The normalization of torture is a societal degradation in that it degrades our collective sense of morality. It doesn’t matter that it’s been demonstrated and clearly stated by numerous intelligence professionals that torture isn’t a reliable means of producing actionable intelligence. I think Nice Guy Eddie said it best when he said the following…

Season One was kind of easy on the torture, but in the second season they go all the way, believe me.


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