Having already been heavily influenced by the late and great Ann Boroch, who wrote Healing Multiple Sclerosis, this particular TED Talk turned out to be quite the game changer for me.  When I first got hit with the MS humdinger upside the head, I went for the Swank Diet, avoiding the fat and all.  This didn’t do shit, I still had severe vertigo and was seeing funny, stumbling an bumbling.  Ann Boroch’s book really helped a lot, starting off with the candida cleanse, starving my body of sugar in every form and all.  I would get so strong, so fast and felt so good and then suddenly I would go overboard and end up having a relapse that would end up with me having to use a can to talk for about a week or so and would have to go back to the doctor and get on a course of steroids again until I got back to normal over about a 2-1/2 month period from onset to remission.  Ultimately after 2 progressive remissions I ended up prescribe me a 20ml daily injection of COPAXONE.  It got rid of most of my symptoms, but I was still experiencing these bouts of a rush that went from the right side of my head down my arm all the way out to my fingertips.  A rush that I really couldn’t give you an honest differentiation from whether it was an extremely violent vibration, extremely cold like ice, or acid coursing through my veins.  It would wake me up and I’d have to drink a small glass of water and maybe do some tai chi exercises for a few minutes before I could successfully get back to sleep upstairs.  Oddly enough, my dear friend and Dentist offered to remove the mercury fillings from my teeth and the result was almost a night and day difference.  I rarely experienced symptoms at all and after some life hurdles I let myself become complacent, allowing myself to eat the fun foods that I’ve been talking about in previous posts.

It was all fun and games, a three month party over having quit a job that ended up making my left hand go numb going halfway up my arm.  Before, the routine was to go to the doctor and get myself on a heavy course of steroids that had their own laundry list of annoying side effects.  But by then, I had just watched this TED Talk and bought her book, incorporating her principles of “minding your mitochondria” into my diet, and I started by doing two things…

First, we started by adding cooked kale to every meal.  I know there was a big kale fad and people were eating a lot of raw kale.  But too much raw kale can lead to hyperthyroidism, and your thyroid is one of your most important organs in your whole body.  Don’t do that.  The other thing I did that Dr Terry Wahls suggested was to eat and organ meat once a month, something like gizzards, beef liver, or like you see in the picture below, chicken liver.


Within 10 days, my hand/arm was back to normal like nothing had even happened.  From that incident, I learned that if you want COPAXONE to be fully effective, you really can’t take your nutritional paradigm for granted and go thinking that you can go back to living the way you used to live.  Remember, moderation in all things, folks.

More to come…

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