** SPOILERS GALORE, but it’s old enough of a show that you probably already saw it before.  But I know some who haven’t.

Season Two (Day 2) of 24 starts with torture from jump, when in Seoul, South Korea, South Korean intelligence operatives torture a man (#1) and give the supervising American CIA officer the word, “today”, and President Palmer’s vacation with his son is interrupted by news of actionable intelligence that there is a nuclear device under terrorist control on U.S. soil and that it is supposed to go off today in L.A..

  •  RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: torture produced actionable intelligence on a nuclear device.

In alignment with the new post 9/11 narrative, a known Middle Eastern splinter group called Second Wave is behind it.  Because of this, unemployed burnout former CTU agent Jack Bauer is called in personally by President Palmer to forget about his murdered wife and come back to CTU to help stop this nuke from going off in L.A.  For brevity’s sake, I’ll be leaving out pointless subplots involving his daughter Kim.  However, immediately we are shown that various NSA, Joint Chief’s, State Department, and D.O.D. officials are scampering about behind his back in efforts to prep for war, even though it’s unclear as to what country, if any, is involved in this terror plot.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: paving public opinion for presidential plausible deniability.

Less than 20-minutes after Bauer is brought back to help with finding the nuclear device, this happens…

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: Duplicity in government – The government is willing to give a free walk to murderous chomos (prison term for child molester)
    • Given the current Jeffrey Epstein situation, your mind was already engineered to accept such uncomfortable truths, remember that. 
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: Murder of a Federal witness is on the menu when it comes to national security.  Truer words have never been written.

Jack reestablishes cover with Anti-government American domestic terrorists , Eddie Grant, Chris Jones, Scott Owen, Dave, and Frank, who bring him along where they subsequently murder a telephone company repairman to disrupt communications signal and gain entry into CTU to blow it up and kill everyone inside.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: Stereotype reinforcement – Self proclaimed patriots and constitutionalists could very well be terrorists, and in reality they very well could.

Needless to say, Jack Bauer gave ample warning, the NSA fucked him.  After the bombing occurs Jack kills the “taking our country back” white patriots off and their leader, Joe Wald kills himself.  Shortly thereafter, President Palmer, after having given Nina Myers, who killed Jack Bauer’s wife the year before, a full presidential pardon in order to get one step closer to the nuke, which after discovery that a NSA connected Special Operations unit was involved, we’re led to another Muslim terrorist which gives us yet another torture opportunity(#2).

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: – torture, radical Muslims torture a nice clean cut American man to death in a most gruesome manner and almost do the same to a nice lady just to be thorough, reminding Americans that when they do it they’re far more brutal than us.

Then after some hemming, hawing, shucking, and jiving over the rightness and wrongness of things, the President decides to have his NSA Chief , Roger Stanton (Harris Yulin) tortured (#3) when it becomes clear that the U.S. covert operations unit that was tracking the nuclear device, the Coral Snake Group, was under NSA Chief Stanton’s control all along.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: presidential double whammy
    • Plausible deniability, exhibiting that the President could be having things happen behind his back for his own protection.
    • Torture – When George W Bush was just getting warmed up in his War on (of) Terror, presidential participation in torture is being normalized in the name of protecting American lives from terror, even nuclear.

“We cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”

            George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States of America

After Jack Bauer has foreign operatives fake the killing of the son of the apparent terrorist quarterback, Syed Ali (Frencesco Quinn) in order to obtain the location of the bomb, which was being monitored by commandos, all of whom were murdered by their own leader, Captain Jonathan Wallace (Gregg Henry), in order to hide the fact that it was orchestrated by members of the American business private sector from the very beginning.  The bomb goes off safely in the desert and we’re given a bunch of who-ha regarding a telephone conversation that shows 3 different countries involved in the conspiracy to detonate a nuclear device on US soil.  An interesting development in this is that Syed Ali is accused of meeting with these Middle Eastern government officials in Cyprus, the Cyprus recording.”  (Cyprus is a known money laundering hub by the way)  Syed Ali states he wasn’t in Cyprus, but in Berlin, Germany.

  • Side-note, if you follow Dr Joseph Farrell, he lays out how the actual 9/11 hijackers were in Berlin and had strong German connections
    • Side-side-note, at the end of Season One (Day 1), wild-card independent operative traitor, Nina Meyers (the one who killed Jack’s wife), she actually killed Jack’s wife because she overheard her handlers saying that nobody could know about her connection to Germany.  I could go on for hours on Germany, and will in another blog-post later, but this is important and you should keep this in your personal mind-files.
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: Predictive programming – Canadian startup known as Lyrebird has come up with software that can mimic anyone’s voice using algorithmic A.I.

Shortly thereafter, Jack and a foreign agent, Yusef Auda (Donnie Keshwarz), from one of the three countries accused of conspiring to detonate the nuke on US soil, take out a team of commandos sent to kill the Wallace of the Coral Snake Group, who just assassinated Syed Ali and happens to be the only person who can verify that this Cyprus recording that all the experts claimed was genuine, was a fake and that the clandestine unit allegedly tracking the nuke was was killed by their leader whom was tasked with making sure the bomb went off so as to start a war in the Middle East.  However, in the midst of the firefight against the team of commandos sent to kill them, Wallace was mortally wounded but a data chip containing the original source recordings proving the Cyprus recordings were fake was recovered from his ribcage.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: False flag terror – truth in television.  They’re pretty much letting you know that we have numerous individuals within our own government working on behalf of unknown private sector players to justify wars and clandestine operations.

We see now that wealthy private sector individuals, one Peter Kingsley (Tobin Bell) and had been orchestrating everything from the start, but more importantly we’re still being engineered to sell us the war on terror when Jack Bauer is tortured by Kingsley’s mercenaries (#4).

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: torture (reverse scenario) – here we see Jack Bauer being tortured by terrorists to further remind the American psyche that our guys get tortured too, which further manufactures the consent of the American public.  They do it to us, so we do it to them and it’s right to do so.  
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: truthful information dissemination.  All corporate punditocracy news and opinion media outlets on television, radio, and Internet continually push the “radical Islam” terror narrative, but in reality, and you will see this repeatedly throughout the entire 24 counterterror entertainment series, it’s a bunch of wealthy oligarchs, corporatists, industrialists, and fascists orchestrating everything along the way to further their own interests and control the USA for their themselves.

Needless to say, Jack Bauer turns it around, kills them and escapes.  Meanwhile, the President’s entire cabinet aligns against him to possibly invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to remove him from office because he won’t commit to military action against the three countries accused of conspiring to detonate a nuclear device on US soil.  Shenanigans ensue and the US goes to the brink of launching a military attack on three innocent countries before Jack Bauer saves the day, catches up with the baddies and a disastrous war is prevented by his heroic actions.  He kicked a lot of ass and killed a lot of people along the way, it was epic.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: plausible deniability – conveys the message that the President might have people on the inside working against him, which regardless of whether it’s true or not, gives plausible deniability and doubt enters the American psyche, shielding Presidential accountability. 

But in the end, we learn that Peter Kingsley was working with another dubious German arms dealer in a yacht named Max (Thomas Kretschmann), who set forth a contingency plan after Jack saved the day and stopped the war, and for the second time in the series, we see the assassin, Mandy (Mia Kirshner), whom we’d seen before in Season One when she stole an I.D. from a fellow air passenger and blew up the plane after she jumped out.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: truthful information dissemination – As I stated in the previous post about Day 1, we’re being lied to 24/7 365 on every news outlet, yet given snippets of truthful information through fiction to engineer public sentiment whilst also giving just enough of the truth to provide plausible deniability. 
    • I mentioned the German connection with Nina Myers given at the end of Day 1, and also mentioned the German connection to the actual 9/11 hijackers.  Naturally, to call them out on all of this gives them deniability and you’ll look like you’ve watched too much TV.


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