Jack’s back, and 24’s better than ever for more than a few reason.  Not just because there was no Kim, but in Season 4, as if Sean Callery‘s music wasn’t already some of the best soundtrack music on television, he upped his game and it got better than ever.  Season 4 had the most memorable music of the entire series from Season 1 all the way to the very end, including, 24, The Game, (bet your ass, I had that), 24 – Live Another Day, and 24 – Legacy.  All show quality praise aside, let’s dig in, shall we?

The Pentagon propaganda network never stops, bringing us back from the Season 3 detour that wrapped the war on terror and the war on drugs into a Spicy Diablo Burrito, seasoning a Mexican drug cartel looking to make a buck with a disgruntled ex-intelligence operative threatening to release a bio-weapon that could wipe out the whole country.  Day 4 begins with a train derailment attack that served as cover to steal a briefcase handcuffed to one of the passengers.  Shortly thereafter, we meet a Muslim family, the Araz Family, who fit every frightening stereotype you could ever cook up.  The Araz Family is completely forehead deep in a terrorist act that will “change the world,” and the entire family is involved, the father Navi Araz (Nestor Serrano), his wife Dina (Shohreh Aghdashloo), even their son, Behrooz (Jonathan Ahdout).

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: stereotype reinforcement – “terrorists next door” shape American perceptions with a cynically ominous representation of Middle Eastern immigrants, engineering consent for military and intelligence budgets that cut education, while ignoring our national healthcare crisis and crumbling infrastructure.
    • Navi Araz (the father) is cold, cruel, diabolically evil/sinister, an authoritarian father who reads his sons emails and taps his phone calls to keep him from establishing relationships with American girls to get too Americanized, and is willing to murder his own son for disobeying him.
    • Dina Araz (the mother) is a little less cold and sinister, has a certain amount of kindness to her in her appearance, but is still committed enough to the cause to murder her son’s American girlfriend by poisoning her to death.
    • Behrooz Araz (the son) is complicit in working with his parents to commit terrorist atrocities on U.S. soil.  But he’s been too Americanized to commit, and rebels against his parents when he has second thoughts about their cause after they murder his American girlfriend, Debbie.

A friend of Chloe O’Brien‘s, one Andrew Page (Lukas Haas) was stealing code to get free Adobe Creative Suite Software when he comes across code that shows that someone is setting up a major Internet attack, so he calls Chloe and tells her.  Chloe tries to tell her boss, Erin Driscoll (Alberta Watson), but she’s dismissive about it and since Jack just happened to be at CTU to discuss budget issues with Driscoll, whom fired him previously because of his previous heroin addiction, she tells Jack.  When Jack is equally treated dismissively by Driscoll, he does what Jack does best.

It turns out that the train bombing was a diversion from their actual plan to kidnap Jack Bauer‘s new boss (he was fired from CTU by Driscoll for his previous heroin addiction), Secretary of Defense James Heller (William Devane) and his daughter, Audrey Raines (Kim Raver), so he could be put on trial for US Foreign Policy crimes against the Middle East and execute him over an online live-stream, which later turns out to be for a primary objective to make use of the Dobson Override that was stolen in the train derailment and robbery, which gives the user capacity to melt down every nuclear plant in the USA.  Agent Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) interrogates Secretary Heller’s son Richard Heller (Logan Marshall-Green) using non-invasive sensory deprivation interrogation due to his being estranged from his father and was about to go to an anti-military/anti-corporate protest at Lockheed to speak against his father.  Later Curtis brings in Eric Richards (Butch Klein) who’s sole job at CTU is to torture people, but they don’t go all the way with it.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: nuclear terrorism – a device capable of overriding every nuclear facility in the country, the Dobson Override sounds like more than enough to scare the bejezus out of the American people for further justification of bloated military and intelligence budgets that rob your children of a proper education, ignore our crumbling infrastructure, and disregard our national healthcare crisis to further the efforts of geopolitical imperialism in your name.
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: enhanced interrogation – torture, in the beginning they use sensory deprivation and describe it as being non-invasive.  S.D. is NOT non invasive as it is still psychological duress, that although physical pain is not actually induced, time and space are distorted and can cause mental breakdown or lead to psychosis.

Meanwhile, as terrorists attempt coercing Secretary Heller into signing a confession for the live-stream trial, Driscoll suggests to the President John Keeler (Geoff Pierson) that he might have to authorize an all out assault that the Secretary might not survive, to protect the country’s image globally.  Jack stages a robbery to stall the terrorist, Kalil Hasan (Anil Kumar), after last-second saving Andrew Page from being executed by his goons just before catching up to him.  But Driscoll shuts Jack down and sics the cops on him before he was able to catch up with Hasan, only to be proven wrong and stuck having to place Jack in command of ground operations anyway.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: Manufacturing consent – no video available, but when Secretary Heller tells his daughter about the show-trial for war crimes against the Middle East, she says “that’s ridiculous,” yet in reality it’s the truth.  Unfortunately, most people already made up their minds about the USA being the good guys in all situations, regardless of the policies that create them or the outcomes.

Concurrently, as Secretary Heller and his daughter attempt suicide to avoid being executed live-stream, Marianne Taylor (Aisha Tyler), whom despite Curtis Manning’s warning to Driscoll that her selfish career ambitions could be a problem, was brought aboard anyway, coerces Edgar Stiles (Louis Lombardi) into convincing Driscoll to upgrade her clearance level, giving her unfettered access and Chloe is fired for helping Jack against Driscoll’s orders, but she doesn’t snitch Edgar out.  After a brief altercation, terrorist Hasan deducts that a police interference of an altercation was being handled and martyrs himself before Jack is led to the location Heller & Audrey are being held.

Hemming, hawing, shucking and jiving aboard Air Force One to  debate the potential loss of street cred for the USA if our Sec-Def is publicly executed on American soil, again presenting a preemptive strike to prevent our enemies from making a public spectacle of his death, the president reluctantly agrees.  But Jack goes it alone, as usual, and kills nearly everyone, saving Secretary Heller and his daughter just in time before the missile strike.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: manufacturing consent – during the live-stream war-crimes trial of Heller,blasphemy” is mentioned, despite that the evangelical apocalyptic death cult is near identical to radical Islam.

    • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: predictive programming – take note of Secretary Heller’s exact same orange jumpsuit that ISIS hostages wore ten years after.  Same county-jail orange and same headgear worn by the terrorist.  Awfully coincidental for a coincidence.

  • Side-note: As illustrated throughout this thesis, the time span of predictive programming on 24 works out to 7 – 10 years, roughly.  24 initially aired in November of 2001 and Barack Obama began his term in January, 2009, further uncanny and ominous coincidences will be illustrated as I continue.
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: true lies – Audrey makes mention of a co-conspirator she saw in the compound she was held hostage being someone she saw at a Heritage Foundation dinner 2 months prior, a man who turns out to be connected to their theft of the Dobson Override.  There is truth in this, and if you keep your eye on the Heritage Foundation, you’ll see that they’re a Fascist think-tank working against the American public as a whole in favor of privatization of practically everything in our lives, in this particular instance of course, it would be a private sector outsourcing of control of our entire nuclear power grid througout the nation into the hands of a private military corporation such as the fictional company, McClennen Forster in this particular show.

The live-stream trial of Secretary Heller turned out to be a Trojan Horse distraction that gave opportunity for this terrorist network, led by a Habib Warwan (Arnold Vosloo), to use the Dobson Override device to take control of every nuclear power plant in the country.   Edgar Stiles gains a piece of code to shut down the attack on all of them.  Jack and Audrey go to a security company to look at photos to find the guy she saw when she was a hostage only to have Marianne Taylor sell them out to mercenaries who come to kill them.  Tony Almeida just happens to be near enough to save their asses and let them hole up with him at his girlfriend’s house while Edgar works to shut down the reactors at CTU.  Marianne Taylor is quickly flushed out as a mole in no time after she diverts suspicion to Sarah Gavin (Lana Parilla), whom is tortured by Eric Richards before Edgar figures sniffs Taylor out like a fart in a car.  Marianne’s ultimately caught and nearly blown up in her escape attempt.  Her employer, Henry Powell (Robertson Dean), formerly with McClennen Forster, gets sniped dead as he attempts escape.

Concurrently, though Edgar was able to stop most of the reactors from melting down, one went critical in San Gabriel Island, which disturbed him to the point of CTU having to bring Chloe O’Brien back into service later, despite being fired earlier by Driscoll for insubordination.

Admit it, Louis Lombardi was great in this scene.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: engineering consent – to further justify bloated military and intelligence expenditures and further protect concentrated private power by shielding them from accountability for their imperialist ambitions of world domination and wealth extraction, the Pentagon Propaganda arm of the Military Industrial Complex’s entertainment division lets you know that if you don’t okay their bloated budgets, YOUR Mom could very well end up dying of radiation poisoning at the hands of multinational corporate warlords.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: stereotype reinforcement.  Know this, that Middle Eastern terrorists are coming to melt down our reactors, spread viruses, burn, rape, and pillage, so you’d better approve a higher budget and shut your pie-hole about reality or pacifism

Behrooz shoots his Dad right as Jack & Tony catch up, and Dina Araz points them to 24878 Alvert Street, in Chatsworth, a house owned by Galaxy Financial Services, and the CFO happens to be Audrey’s estranged husband, Paul Raines (James Frain), whom Jack soon schedules for some shock therapy when he uses the cord of a hotel-room lamp to light his ass up to figure out if he was connected to the terrorists or not.  He wasn’t, but proves helpful later.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: torture normalization – we see that Bauer tortures a guy whom subsequently helps him and becomes friends with him, further justifying the necessity for torture and a reminder that it’s as just and kosher as Gefilte fish


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