TRUE LIES ON 24 – DAY 4 part 2

Marianne Taylor is killed when she attempts helping Curtis at the office she shared with Powell, and Curtis is captured by Forbes (Richard Marcus) but he turns it around and kills 2 men, evading recapture until Jack arrives to back him up just in time to retake the override device so Edgar can stop the meltdowns. Marwan escapes, but his alias of Harris Barnes leads them to McClennen Forster. Paul Raines, whom sold McClennen Forster their IT system, volunteers to help Jack in finding more about Marwan/Barnes. Curtis Manning and Sarah Gavin dig up what that can on Marwan’s alias, but they learn also that McClennen Forster teaches clients how to use the weapons that they sell, mentioning for the third or forth time since Season One, clients in “the Balkans,” which complicates things and it’s suggested that McClennen Forster might not cooperate in order to protect themselves. When Jack and Paul arrive to McClennen Forster, they stonewall the pair and deploy an EMP bomb (Electromagnetic Pulse) to protect themselves and save the company, subsequently sending a team of mercenaries to stop Jack and Paul from escaping with the information they found that could destroy the company, which kills the electricity for an 8 mile radius and causes bedlam throughout the surrounding Downtown Los Angeles area.

After a firefight with mercenaries, Paul Raines is shot and as Jack choppers with him back to CTU for medical treatment, President Keeler discusses the possibility of declaring martial law to deal with civil unrest with Secretary Heller. Meanwhile, Marwan’s next plan is already being implemented, by holding an Air Force pilot’s family hostage, a disgruntled ex-military mercenary Mitch Anderson (Ned Vaughn) infiltrates an Air Force base to steal a stealth bomber. Using her son Behrooz as leverage, Jack convinces Dina Araz to go to one Joseph Fayed (Adam Alexi-Malle) offering Jack as a hostage to find Marwan, but their plan backfires when Marwan’s people intercept them and Fayed blows himself up.

Marwan wastes their time with misdirection over Behrooz Araz’s importance to their operations by offering to give Jack back to CTU in exchange for Behrooz, giving Anderson enough time to steal the Stealth Fighter. Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) is brought in by Division just before the exchange where Behrooz is micro-chipped, but Marwan’s men find it right away and evade capture once again despite Jack’s smart move whilst held captive. Subsequently led to Anderson’s home, Jack retrieves a hard-drive but he’s immediately diverted to a priority retrieval of the nuclear football after Anderson shoots down Air Force One. A couple on a camping trip find it and call to report it and Jack tells them to separate the football and the playbook, but Marwan catches the husband and tortures him to flush out the wife, making off with some pages of the nuke footbal playbook (the ones that give warhead locations and activation codes) before Jack can reach them.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: torture normalization – since they do it to not just our operatives but to our civilians, you’d better give your consent to enhanced interrogation/torture and start coughing up your tax dollars for more war, torture, and neocolonial imperialism, so fuck your schools, roads, and bridges.

A careless mistake by Marwan’s man, Yosik Khatami (Nicholas Guilak), leads CTU to Joe Prado‘s (John Thaddeus) boat in Marina Del Rey. Marwan overhead it from Yosik’s phone and preemptively contacted Amnesty Global who sent lawyer David Weiss (Evan Handler) on the precipice that CTU was about to torture and innocent man. When Jack shows up to learn that Amnesty Global was already on-site prohibiting any interrogation from happening, after some debate between Jack, the lawyer, the newly sworn in President Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin), and Mike Novick (Jude Ciccolella), it’s decided that their hands are tied. So Jack convinces Bill Buchanan to accept his resignation and release Prado so he could interrogate him as a private citizen. Jack subsequently breaks his fingers to get him to talk.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: manufacturing consent – some hemming, hawing, shucking, and jiving between Bauer and the smarmiest lawyer Central Casting could muster, the president, his Chief of Staff, and Special Advisor is debated to remind the American people that terrorism provides extraordinary circumstances in which the Constitution could and should be completely sidestepped or relegated wholly negligible to “protect millions of American lives” from terrorism in all its forms or circumstantial situations.
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind-fuck: torture normalization – Jack breaks Joe Prado’s fingers to soften him up and it helps save millions of American lives. It has to be done or the terrorists win. If you’ve paid close enough attention to this show thus far, you can see this as a pattern each and every time torture is engaged in by our operatives. In this instance, it’s shown that our government’s hands are tied and they were unwilling to do so, so Jack took it upon himself to do so.

Meawhile, Illinois domestic terrorists/mercenaries prepare a hijacked nuclear warhead while Sabir Ardakani (Kris Iyer) worked with Robert Morrison (Keith Szarabajka) to reconfigure compatibility for the warhead and the missile. Sabir’s girlfriend in Los Feliz, Nabila Al-Jamil (Lina Patel) keeps calling and bugging him, suspicious that he might be involved with the day’s events. She calls it in and the call is sent to Chloe, and Nabila says she found the schematic for a microchip, the type of which she has never seen before. Downtown at a nightclub, Jack is set to take Marwan down, but White House Presidential ego interferes and the operation is awash, allowing Marwan’s escape.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: true lies on television – they’re not being dishonest in their dialogue. This is reality, and they’re giving it right to you on prime time network television. They’re telling you outright on the telly that you’re ignorant and it isn’t a lie. Back to my joke, “if you ever wanted to know what the Anglo American Establishment is really up to, just watch 24, they’ll tell you outright.”

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: true lies on television – this clip comes right out with what the writers and producers already actually know to be truthful in the fact that it is our geopolitical policies of imperialist interventionism that is the actual “why” behind why numerous people around the globe hate the USA, not our freedoms that are eroding on a moment to moment basis.
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: plausible deniability – the ego of the newly sworn in President actually interfered with a capture mission that could have apprehended a dangerous terrorist. This could also be categorized as true lies on television, as one famous incident demonstrated in 1980’s Desert One Debacle. SEAL Team 6 Founder, Dick Marcinko wrote very clearly about this in his autobiography, Rogue Warrior, that a lot of ego and ineptitude played a heavy role in the incident that cost President Carter not only the 1980 reelection, but America’s elite rescue force had lost eight men, seven helicopters, and a C-130, and had not even made contact with the enemy. It was a debacle. It defined the word “debacle.”

Morrison doesn’t trust Sabir’s girlfriend and handles it when Marwan tells him to let him know when it’s done. Chloe O’Brien fills Bill and Tony in on everything Nabila told her, stating that the files are locked and they need a specialist to go to her home to unlock them. But since Chloe’s the only one who can do it, Buchanan dispatches her with a team (2 field agents) to get it done, but Morrison’s man shows up to do them.

Experienced Former President David Palmer is brought in to assist the egotistically inept new President with the situation. Chloe’s assistance in the matter of the locked files led to one Lee Jong (Peter Chen) a Chinese national who worked on the Chinese nuclear weapons program before being fired for falsifying research data, whom took refuge at the Chinese Consulate when things got heated after his freelance work for Marwan. However, when Former President Palmer calls the Chinese Consulate about Lee Jong, Chinese Consul Koo Yin (Francois Chau) promised to do what he could but that it would take hours for anything to happen. In precaution of a slow response, Palmer had Bauer set up a position near the Consulate and sanctions a botched non-lethal force snatch & grab of Lee Jong that gets Consul Koo Yin by his own people. Lee was also shot in the process and demands immunity for cooperation. Unfortunately, when Jack arrives with Lee Jong, he force interrupts Paul Raines’ surgery and Raines dies in the process.

Immediately thereafter, Chinese Consulate Head of Security, Cheng Zhi (Tzi Ma), comes to CTU looking for answers, only to be stonewalled to protect the United States from an international incident, leaving Cheng wholly unconvinced. Lee Jong’s information proves valuable and leads Bauer to Marwan’s location, but Marwan has already initiated a launch sequence that they’re helpless to do anything but watch a live feed of a nuclear tipped cruise missile launching. Just as Jack and Curtis are about to transport Marwan back to CTU, they’re ambushed by an RPG launched at at one of their vehicles and Marwan is rescued by his people.

At CTU, they find that Secretary Heller’s son, Richard’s phone was used to call Marwan. Before they get around to torturing him he confesses having had sex with a man he took him with him and that his girlfriend must’ve used his phone while they were in his bed. Richar Heller’s description of the guy (Jake Muxworthy) he had sex with leads Jack and Tony to Mercerwood Apartments, where Mandy (Mia Kirshner), whom quickly becomes aware of the situation and kills him. She then goes to a neighbor’s apartment, killing one of them and holding the other two hostage while she plots her escape, taking Tony Almeida hostage along the way. Mandy then contacts Michelle Dessler to use him as leverage and fake her own death by using her neighbors as decoys and then blowing them up in their car. CTU informs the White House and they begin discussing declaring Martial Law.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: manufacturing consent – multiple times throughout the series, martial law is either debated or ordered, and given the salesmanship of this show for the war on terror, the American psyche is consistently being not just fear but acquiescence to further erosion of American civil liberties in the name of national security or protecting American lives.

Jack figures out the ruse fairly quickly and when he catches up with them, she lands an immunity deal from President Palmer, whom she’d previously poisoned at the last moment of Day 2. She gives up Marwan’s location and he commits suicide, but they stop the missile and save the day. But in order to cover his own ass, Logan turns a blind eye to his Chief of Staff, Walt Cummings (John Allen Nelson) sanctioning the murder of Jack Bauer in order to protect the country from the apprehension of a high value prisoner that Bauer could be. Former President David Palmer warns him in advance and Tony, Chloe, and Michelle fake his death and send him on his way. Jack says his last goodbye to the Former President and walks off into the sunrise.


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