*** ALERT — SPOILER HEAVEN***Jack offers Theo Stoller (Henry Ian Cusick), a German Intelligence agent gathering intelligence on Collette’s clients, the WET List when he refuses to cooperate with CTU in the apprehension of Stenger, whom just sold Bierko some schematics, which upset everyone at CTU/DHS and gets Chloe in a heap of trouble.  But they breathe easy again when Jack fuck’s Stoller and it self destructs on him before he can use it.  Collette Stenger demands an immunity deal for her cooperation and the moment she gets it confirmed by her attorney she gives them an address to a safe house, naming Audrey Raines as her D.O.D. contact who sold her the schematics. Jack interrogates her, but not hard enough by Karen Hayes’s opinion and standard, so she sends in Rick Burke (Martin Papazian) to interrogate Audrey, but Jack gets Stenger to confess to lying after finding her connection to Henderson and it’s stopped.

Wayne Palmer goes to meet Aaron Pierce at the Presidential retreat but is ran off the road and pursued by Henderson’s mercenaries while Bierko and his mercenaries make their way into the Gas Company to launch a large scale nerve gas attack.  Pierce finds Wayne Palmer on the grounds of the retreat, helping him evade pursing mercenaries.  Concurrently, Jack and Curtis get to the Gas Company, shoot it out with Bierko’s mercenaries just as Bierko releases the gas into the main distribution tank.  Jack blows it all up and catches Bierko (exciting show, huh?), barely avoiding getting the both of them blown up along with everything else. (yeah, I know, but that’s why they call it the suspension of disbelief) 

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: war on terror salesmanship – visualization of several canisters of Sentox nerve gas being released into the main distribution tank of the gas company, regardless of the excitement of seeing Keifer Sutherland kicking ass and killing tangos, imprints an unforgettable image on the American psyche of the possibility of nerve gas pouring into American households while their children are sleeping.  It also aids in the social engineering of American minds to sow seeds of fear of the other.  This manufactures consent for more cuts to schools, social programs, roads & bridges, to be rerouted to counter terror operations, bloated military budgets, more militarized police, and of course because I forgot to mention it, more prisons.

Vice President Hal Gardner (Ray Wise) pushes Karen Hayes to be more aggressive in rolling CTU into DHS and mincing Miles suggests using Audrey Raines to help them do it.  Wayne and Aaron Pierce make it back to the Presidential retreat and Wayne Palmer confronts Personal Aid to First Lady Martha Logan Evelyn Martin (Sandrine Holt) about emails she had sent to the late Former President Palmer that may have led to his assassination, but she refuses to cooperate because her daughter is under threat and in their custody.  She has proof of who is behind everything, but won’t help unless he can get her daughter back for her.  Wayne calls Jack in on it and when he speaks to Audrey, he becomes suspicious that the VP Gardner may be the one that Henderson was protecting when they were torturing him earlier, and goes together with Wayne to take her back and when take her back, Evelyn Martin dispels any notion of VP Gardner having anything to do with anything.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: true lies on television – I swear, just when George W Bush couldn’t have possibly looked any more guilty and complicit in everything

Season 5/Day 5 spilled beans and let cats out of bags so they could spray their stench all over the place.  After stashing Evelyn Martin in a motel room, Jack and Wayne kidnap a bank manager from his home and use him to get into a bank where she stashed a recording of President Logan and Christopher Henderson.  Logan had already put out an APB on Jack and they end up getting the poor guy killed on their way out of the bank in a firefight with authorities seeking to apprehend him.  Meanwhile, Henderson snatches up Evelyn Martin and her daughter from the motel after her kid panicked and called an ambulance.  Bauer gets away with Wayne Palmer and the recording but since he knows Audrey could be being followed, he enlists the freshly fired Bill Buchanan to assist.  He escorts Wayne Palmer to safety while Jack rendezvous with Audrey and her father Defense Secretary Heller to handover the recording to him, but Heller screws him.

Things start getting sketchy at this point because the POTUS becomes increasingly suspicious looking to just about everyone.  His defensive disposition makes him look strange to Mike Novick, and Aaron Pierce already knows that Logan was responsible for the assassination of David Palmer, whom he respected deeply.  Chloe snatches mincing Miles’s access card and scampers off just before Henderson retrieves the recording from Jack and Audrey.  Meanwhile, sellout Secretary Heller shows up at the POTUS retreat and attempts pressing Logan into quiet resignation, but it doesn’t quite work out the way he thought it would and he ends up driving his car off a cliff to keep himself from being used as Logan and Henderson’s pawn.  Curtis ends up saving Audrey and apprehending Henderson anyway, despite his mercenaries coming in to scoop him up after Jack takes off to chase after Henderson’s guy.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: true lies on television – something I’ve been saying for years to just about anyone who would listen is that government isn’t the actual power.  Government isn’t the substance, they’re the shadow cast over the public by big business.  Circles of concentrated private power are able to use think-tanks and Public Action Committees to wield more power and influence over public institutions, our government, our military, and our intelligence services.  Every war that has ever been fought in the past century was a private war because contrary to your high school history class, history is not war.  History is finance, war is merely the side-effect of the amalgamation, consolidation, and privatization of territory and resources by concentrated private power.

By this point, the First Lady knows everything from the President Logan’s own word.  Jack sneaks onto a diplomatic flight to intercept the recording while mincing Miles gets off on overseeing the pursuit Bauer, ruining Chloe and Buchanan.  Karen Hayes is suspicious enough to bend Mike Novick’s ear over President Logan’s personal oversight of pursuit of Jack Bauer on unseen spurious evidence that he was involved in killing Palmer even though he was already cleared and the crisis already averted.  Bill Buchanan is arrested and placed into holding so him and Karen could allow Chloe to escape and continue helping Bauer.  Mincing Miles is suspicious of all of this because Karen Hayes appears to be leaving him out of the loop, so he calls Mike Novick, who blows him off.  Mike Novick presses President Logan on the issue regarding Jack Bauer, but Logan dismisses it altogether.  Bauer ends up commandeering the plane, intercepting the recording from the co-pilot working for Henderson.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: true lies on television – on this particular drama, they’re pretty honest and straightforward in regards to the fact that private sector groups and business interests manipulate and control political figures and institutions, yet the do tend to distance them from the intelligence services as a whole.  I’ve personally known extremely wealthy individuals with fast phone call connections to intelligence contacts as well as the Carlyle Group.  This is a reality that this show does seem to distance itself from, yet at the same not, not much of a distance.  But it felt like something worthy of contemplation, so I thought I’d mention it.

Mincing Miles becomes doubly suspicious when Karen Hayes brings Buchanan out from holding to help Bauer bring the recording in to CTU.  Mike Novick receives the distress signal and the POTUS goes full Meryl Streep to hem and haw over the ethics of shooting him down, shooting Novick down when he tries to talk him out of it.  Buchanan gets him coordinates to the 118FWY and they level off at the last second when a fighter jet had them in missile lock, landing just in time for Curtis to take Jack back to CTU, barely slipping through the Marine battalions surrounding the cordoned perimeter.  Karen Hayes makes a grievous error of judgement in bringing mincing Miles up to speed on everything.

Vladimir Bierko is transferred to CTU’s primary holding facility and busted out by his soldiers.  They immediately start moving on his next plan by the time CTU gets word of their vehicles being hit by an IED.  President Logan attempts coaxing Agent Pierce into playing his game but patriot Pierce will have no part of it, leaving Logan no choice but to give another Secret Service agent the nod to kill him.  Meanwhile, Bauer has no choice but to team up with Henderson to pursue and re-apprehend Vladimir Bierko before he can instigate another terror attack. Henderson convinces CTU to let him go in to deal with an arms dealer named Joseph Malina (Jose Zuñiga) who can help them find Bierko.  Jack argues against them on this, but they do it anyway.  The First Lady foils Pierce’s imminent execution, giving him just enough distraction to save himself.  In Downtown L.A., Henderson convinces Jack and Curtis to let him go in alone to meet with Malina, where he gives him the heads up that Jack and Curtis are coming for him, telling him to purge all of his files.  Despite Bauer’s disbelief of Henderson’s dubious explanation that he was bamboozling Malina to putting his important files on a flash drive to make it easier for them, Chloe quickly got schematics for a Russian submarine that was in dock scheduled for US Naval inspection that was part of Logan’s earlier Russian treaty, which called for the sharing of technology.  Henderson’s knowledge of Russian subs of that class give Jack the idea of taking him with them to the Port of Los Angeles.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: fear peddling – the overall goal of shows like this is to engineer consent of the American psyche to overlook the shrinking budgets for public education, roads, bridges, environmental protection and cleanup, and a right and proper healthcare system and dismiss the ever growing budgets for military expenditures, wars of aggression (imperialist expansion and empire building), and clandestine operations abroad, as well as to engineer a public willingness to sacrifice our civil liberties and right to privacy all in the name of national security and protecting American lives.  However, when you also pay closer attention to the fact that they’re telling you flat out that private sector business interests who profit off of war, clandestine operations, weapons manufacturing and procurement, as well as oil, energy, and various other corporate interests are all too willing to orchestrate such schemes in order to profit and/or change society to fit their interests and protect themselves from YOU, you really should take everything you’re told on television in fiction or news with skepticism.

Needless to say, Jack and his team manage to stop Bierko and his terrorist crew from launching 12 multiple warhead missiles, just in the nick of time thanks to a lone surviving U.S. Naval Petty Officer’s help.  They kill Bierko and his men and Christopher Henderson manages to shut down the missile launch sequence within the last 10 seconds, just before Jack breaks Bierko’s neck.  The F-18s are recalled and Jack goes looking for Henderson, killing him in revenge for the assassination of David Palmer, Tony Almeida, and Michelle Dessler.  Jack then recruits Chloe O’Brian, Aaron Pierce, and Mike Novick to help him take down President Logan.  Chloe brings in her ex-husband, Oxford and MIT dropout and Saks Fifth Avenue shoe salesman, Morris O’Brian (Carlo Rota), whom happens to be a gifted systems analyst, to try and reconstruct the recording destroyed by Miles Papazian earlier.  Meanwhile, as Jack and Aaron Pierce are working to get Jack where he needs to be, Mike Novick tries to delay the President, First Lady Martha Logan runs interference by seducing her husband, who tells the helicopter to standby.  After they get their freak on, Jack infiltrates his way onto the helicopter and kidnaps President Logan in an attempt to coerce a confession out of him.  But though he wasn’t able to do so, Logan just couldn’t help himself.  His wife couldn’t resist crying and going into hysterics when they carried the late Former President David Palmer’s casket from the helicopter.

So in the end the President of the United States was escorted away, sure.  Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines have their little moment of reconciliation.  Bill Buchanan ends up asking Karen Hayes, who’d originally come gunning for his job, out for breakfast and gets a rain-check.  Chloe gets a kudos from Bill, with a memento photo of her and Edgar that he found among his personal effects that he thought she should have and even left with her deeply caring and sympathetic ex husband.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: – true lies on television – All’s well that ends well, but let’s talk turkey here.  Do you honestly believe that in the real world that regardless of what a POTUS ever does, that he’s going to end up in shackles, an orange jump suit, breaking big rocks into little rocks, pressing license plates, or working in a field and calling the hacks “Boss”??  Think on just how many delusional Americans actually believe that even if Donald J Trump is found guilty of high treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and lying to the sheriff, that he won’t get a piecemeal house arrest sentence and be right back to going to cocktail parties and grabbing young women by their how-do-ya-dos in less than 4 years.  Yeah, sure, they’ve got their all’s well that ends well Season 5/Day 5 ending, or do they?


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