TRUE LIES ON 24 – DAY 6 part 1


Previously on 24, Season 5, my joke became a thesis on 24 being a mechanism for not just selling the War On Terror, but normalizing torture, crisis normalization, as well a means of disseminating truthful information through fictional programming.  At risk of redundancy, you are being lied to 24/7 – 365 on every news outlet in all 50 states and beyond.  But you are being given tiny portions of truthful information through fiction for purposes of acclimating not just the American mind but minds around the globe.  This way, if the actual truth comes out, the shock is diminished.  Call them out on it and you’ve simply watched too much television and have become disconnected from reality.

Season 6 of 24, however, was the least popular season of the entire series.  Observe below…

All jokes aside, let’s dive right in.  After a Russian separatist break from the Islamic Terrorism narrative in Day 5, Season 6 spreads it on pretty thick.  At 0600 we see a news report of numerous terror attacks nationwide, creating fear and suspicion of all Muslims across America.  After a brown skinned man is rejected by a bus driver, a different guy already aboard detonates a bomb, killing everybody.  Homeland Security Secretary Karen Hayes and White House Chief of Staff Tom Lennox (Peter MacNicol) argue over the ethics of choosing security over liberty to protect American lives before President Wayne Palmer

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: manufacturing consent – since before 9/11, even before the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Americans pretty much viewed terrorism as a foreign phenomenon.  But the Oklahoma City Bombing, “terror in the heartland” brought about the Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention Act of 1995, and Americans started slipping down the slope.  But because it was some militia “patriot movement” white boys, it still didn’t quite have the oomph that 9/11 offered, giving the military and security industrial complex the green light for a thorough militarization of our entire nation’s police forces, effectively turning them into an occupation force of our very own kin on our very own soil.

Back at CTU, former lower level analyst, Milo Pressman (Eric Balfour) in charge mid-level.  Chloe O’Brian whom recently got reunited ex-husband, Morris O’Brian a job at CTU, learns that Jack Bauer had been released from the Chinese prison.

As you may recall in Day 3, Jack Bauer was compelled to execute a senior colleague, Ryan Chappelle, whom was sacrificed by President David Palmer to buy more time to hold off Stephen Saunders from staging more attacks.  This time, President Wayne Palmer is sacrificing Jack Bauer to placate a terrorist named Abu Fayed (Adoni Maropis) over Jack’s torturing his terrorist brother to death in Beirut, having already given $25,000,000, to stop another terrorist, Hamri Al-Assad (Alexander Siddig) from orchestrating more suicide bombings.  Plenty of demurring and equivocating happens in the White House over it.  It’s not about right or wrong, but what’s necessary to “protect Americans,” effectively winning all arguments in this crisis normalization mechanism called 24.  The moment Tom Lennox steps out of the Oval Office, Karen Hayes confronts him about the detention centers he set up around the country, utilizing sports arenas and the like, claiming he didn’t implement them, merely positioned them in case the president changes his mind.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: true lies on televisionAgain, though we tell the world that the USA doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, we do.  Not only do we negotiate with terrorists, we’ve traded prisoners with them, releasing dangerous extremists in quid pro quo deals.  We’d funded and trained terrorists through the Cold War and beyond up to today.  ISIS and Al Qaeda are our enemies when we need an Emmanuel Goldstein to scare people.  But “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is an ancient proverb that actually comes from the Arthashastra, (often translated as the “science of politics”), an ancient Indian treatise on the art of statecraft.
  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: predictive programming – you already knew about them, I’m sure.  Detention centers have been around since the 1800s in case you were unaware.  However, they were largely kept out of the public view and away from scrutiny.  Allegedly, we became more enlightened on the issue, but not really.  2 years after the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952, “Operation Wetback” was implemented, deporting 1.1 million undocumented immigrants.  Mind you, I’m referring to immigrant detention.  But do you or do you not recall President Trump using terrorists hiding within the migrant “caravan” as his excuse?  He tried the human trafficking angle as well.  Either way, all this came to pass about a decade after Day-6 aired.  The disturbing part of it all is that such behavior and action has already become normalized.

In a local L.A. neighborhood, the Wallace family observes a Muslim neighbor snatched up by the Feds as his son, Ahmed Amar (Kal Penn) protests the arrest of his innocent father.  A MAGA guy from up the block harasses Ahmed when Ray Wallace (Raphael Sbarge) intervenes, telling him to come stay with them awhile.  Meanwhile at CTU, Morris and Chloe access an illegal Uzbekistani satellite because Fayed knew all of CTU’s surveillance protocols, but Buchanan catches them and shuts them down.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: engineering consent – subtle repetition of terror threats and crisis normalization paves the way for people to accept sacrificing their liberty and freedom as an acceptable price to make white people feel safe.  However, the insidious way the writers hem and haw at the idea of shredding the constitution in the name of “national security” is far more dangerous to our individual liberty than you might realize.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: torture normalization – just a not so subtle reminder that they do it too.  The typical 24 torture pattern is that we do it to get actionable intelligence because so-and-so has a bomb, a chemical, biological, or radiological weapon (dirty bomb), or nuke.  Then they’ll show one of our guys getting tortured by the baddies, wash, rinse, and repeat.

After Abu Fayed tells him that Assad isn’t behind the attacks, but wants to give up terrorism altogether, stating that he’ll die for nothing, Jack escapes.  He calls CTU to stop an airstrike on the location Fayed gave them, but they don’t listen.  But Jack gets there just in time to save Assad from an Apache helicopter launched missile strike.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: engineering consent – I don’t think I’m reaching here, but eventually the chickens are coming home to roost.  If missile and drone strikes are already normalized as part of implemented policy to take out terrorists abroad, what’s to stop them from being implemented domestically?

Sandra Palmer (Regina King) talks slippery slopes with her POTUS brother, Wayne, it doesn’t help much to protect her clients, the Islamic-American Alliance or her beau, Wallid al Rezani (Harry Lennix) from FBI data mining or stop the rounding up and detention of Muslims.  She actually gets herself and Wallid arrested when she shreds the files. Meanwhile, Jack helps Hamri Al Assad to find and stop Fayed.

Ahmed’s MAGA neighbor came back when Ahmend went home to grab a package, getting himself shot because the FBI arrested the wrong Amar.  Elsehwere, Jack and Assad foil a subway suicide bomber.  CTU learns Bauer foiled the attack and Chloe proved Jack was right, showing the White House, whom Fayed calls to coerce President Wayne Palmer into releasing several terrorist prisoners.  Jack convinces a reluctant Assad into letting CTU to help with satellite coverage and Curtis is rerouted to pick them up, a bad idea.  Ahmed, injured by MAGA man’s assault, takes the Wallace Family hostage to have a package delivered.  Jack and Assad’s plan worked to acquire the suspect on satellite, but when they figure out that he was only going to a dead drop, they move on him and he blows himself up.  Ray Wallace delivers the package ($50,000) but the recipient demands more, leaving Ray no choice but to kill him, taking the component.  Jack retrieves data from suicidal suspect’s damaged laptop showing a components list for a Former Soviet suitcase nuke, determining the bombings were a ruse to trick the POTUS into releasing Hasan Numair (Shaun Majumder), whom was helped to escape by a National Guard Sergeant, sending him to Fayed to activate the suitcase.

  • RAND/Tavistock/Stanford mind fuck: fear peddling (nuclear) –  a continuous barrage of nonstop necessary illusions of radical Islamic terrorism, the American mind is systematically engineered to accept the erosion of our individual liberties.
    • *** personal opinion ***  Okay, now this is just me talking here.  I mentioned Boss of Bosses, Semion Mogilevitch in a previous post.  He trades in nuclear materials (long read), allegedly he is in possession of several missing low-yield nuclear suitcase bombs from the Former Soviet arsenal.  Our current POTUS, Trump is connected to this man whom the CIA once labeled “the world’s most dangerous gangster,” and I find it odd that he was removed from the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted before all of this, and living for several in exile as persona non grata, now he lives openly with his family in Moscow.  I find it deeply disturbing that Evangelicals who hate Jewish people and solely support Israel because they want apocalypse to occur to bring Jesus back for a final conversion, support Trump unquestioningly.  I also find it equally disturbing that Evangelical evildoer, Erik Prince, roams about with a private mercenary army of the highest caliber without oversight, while Trump provokes Iran incessantly on behalf of Bibi Netanyahu.  I’ve read enough of the Bible to be wholly familiar with Revelation and see Prince as being qualified to plan and execute a false flag operation to plant a nuclear device in Jerusalem to fulfill Biblical prophecy.  I’m not saying this is the truth or that I really know anything here.  But as I’ve stated previously, I don’t believe in coincidences, nor do murder police nor do counter-terror or counterinsurgency officers either.  Just something to consider, but I digress.

Jack, Curtis, and Assad save Scott Wallace (Michael Angarano) from Ahmed just before he was about to kill him, then this happens…

So Jack Bauer initially called it quits, but the smoking gun snaps him back into action.  Hamri Al Assad is brought back to CTU for a briefing with Bill Buchanan, and clearly Fayed has 4 more suitcase nukes. Assad names Former Soviet General Dimitri Gredenko (Rade Serbedzija) as a source he knew of, but never met.  When Morris O’Brian looks into possible business contacts, the names Phillip Bauer (James Cromwell) and son Graem “Gray” Bauer (Paul McCrane) (whom we’d seen unnamed in Season 5, pulling President Logan’s strings) and BXJ Technologies, appear and they call Jack to tell him and he calls “Gray”, looking for their father.  The White House shilly-shallies over what to do, debating suspending civil liberties, mass detentions and deportations.  At the meantime, CTU is clueless of Fayed’s lack of an no engineer and triggering mechanism for the remaining 4 suitcase nukes.  Darren McCarthy (David Hunt), originally assigned to dismantle them for BXJ and recycle componants for nuclear energy production, but instead sold them to Abu Fayed, was offered even more money to find an immediate replacement engineer.  Jack shows up to his brother, Graem’s house and asks politely with a plastic bag over his head.  Meanwhile at the White House, Tom Lennox strong-arms Karen Hayes into resigning in the middle of a crisis so he can further shred the Constitution and hamstring CTU’s own people based on their Middle Eastern background.  When Jack and Gray get to McCarthy’s office, their father shows up and Gray takes them both away in cuffs when their Father’s security guys turn out to be working for Gray.


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