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TRUE LIES ON 24 - DAY 6 part 1

**ALERT — SPOILER HEAVEN*** Previously on 24, Season 5, my joke became a thesis on 24 being a mechanism for not just selling the War On Terror, but normalizing torture, crisis normalization, as well a means of disseminating truthful information through fictional programming.  At risk of redundancy, you are being lied to 24/7 – 365 on every news outlet in all 50 states and beyond.  But you are being given


I’ve spoken to numerous people who thought that they missed the boat when it comes to cryptocurrency investment, but I’m telling you, it’s barely getting started. Don’t listen to the naysayers, become a practitioner and get involved. Start small, like we did. Once we bought some Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, we both opened and confirmed our IDs with Binance, which is a fantastic cryptocurrency exchange, which last relocated


Having already been heavily influenced by the late and great Ann Boroch, who wrote Healing Multiple Sclerosis, this particular TED Talk turned out to be quite the game changer for me.  When I first got hit with the MS humdinger upside the head, I went for the Swank Diet, avoiding the fat and all.  This didn’t do shit, I still had severe vertigo and was seeing funny, stumbling an bumbling. 


My first solo apartment was in Koreatown.  I remember falling for the “art deco” line when I found it in the Recycler Classifieds papers that used to be the thing other than the L.A. Weekly you could pick up for free at just about any liquor store or 7-11.  If you really want to dig on what I’m getting at by calling L.A. a City of Changes, move to one