This is a re-edit of a previously released stop motion animation that was originally titled EVANGELICALS.

After a first few webisodes, I started writing and recording separate little webisodes every day. You can probably tell that we were still (still are actually) in the process of figuring out what we are as far as a medium was concerned.  The original idea for Bear Republic Network was always for the small screen, the smallest screen. TV, as much as Mrs S and I absolutely love TV, we thought that the future is smaller if you really want to dream big. But at the same time, we also pretty much know that in ten years or less that these iPhones we all have our faces buried into are going to be like the pager is today.  Mind you, I operated with a pager up through 2013, but that’s a story best left to fiction.

This particular video-snack is our newest in that we wanted to bring the acrylic on canvas work to life in a way that’s more engaging.  I also wanted to play around with some ideas I had. I had composed probably 17 different pieces of music for our first live-action short-film “A SLAP IN THE FACE”, but in the end none of it ended up working out the way that I wanted it to.   But I went to great lengths to teach myself how to play black gospel piano via YouTube and learn how to use Logic Pro to figure out how to do a soundtrack only to discover that regardless of the fact that I can play the piano, the violin, the guitar, the bass, the mandolin, the ukulele, percussion, and fake the shit out of a sitar well enough to impress a non musician, that doesn’t make me a sound engineer or composer.  But still, I liked the gospel shout and would recommend to anyone who really wants to take their piano playing skill set to the next level, learn black gospel piano. It’ll be your key to unlocking secrets to blues and jazz. But I digress, so I’ll end that little aside right there.

original artwork (excerpt) courtesy of hotdogandbun
original artwork (excerpt) courtesy of hotdogandbun

But speaking of everyone’s favorite cynical misanthropes masquerading as pious Christians by calling themselves “Evangelicals” or “the Evangelical Movement”, let me ask you.  Do you go to church? Have you ever gone to church? If so, what does the guy on the alter say?  Does he talk more about the Devil than he does about Jesus?  Does he spend time yammering on about tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and the homosexual agenda?  If the preacher that you listen to is preaching anything other than to love your neighbor, treat people the way you want to be treated, and forgive other people for being assholes because you’re no saint yourself, find a different preacher.  Better yet, get your head out of that book, your ass out of that church, and seek your silence within.  You’ll have a better chance of finding salvation that way than listening to some asshole who thinks hurricanes and homosexuality are metaphysically connected.  #notjudgingjustsaying


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