Do you remember the taste of the baby food that you were fed when you were a baby or toddler? I know that I surely do not. But if there is one thing that puts a smile on almost everyone’s face, my best guess would be the sweet taste of sugar. Salt might come in an uncomfortably close second place. I had always known, maybe not perhaps always, but since the early 1990s when someone had given me an old book called World Without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin, that there was something going on in this country that some folks might also call a control mechanism. Unfortunately, at that time I hadn’t gotten my hands yet on Sugar Blues, by William Duffy, just yet, so I hadn’t quite made the connection. But in the end, I learned the hard way that sugar is without a doubt the most dangerous substance that I know of.  Yeah sure, I know about “the opium epidemic” that is the United State of America these days, but it doesn’t come close to the killer of all killers and the most addictive substance you aren’t hearing enough about, and that’s sugar.  I know that opioids like heroin, morphine, and the like possess a characteristic of physical addiction by storing itself in your pituitary gland. But here’s the thing, heroin can kill you right away on your first try.  So yes, I will concede that it is more immediately dangerous to just about anyone. But happy people don’t necessarily want to use heroin, nor do they want to use cocaine, but that’s a conversation for a completely different thread altogether, promise.   Sugar, on the other hand, kills more people than heroin, more people than cocaine, more people than cigarettes, and more people than red meat, and yet nobody seems to have too much to say about that. Why is that?

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Ultimately there’s a reason for all of this, and you’re probably not going to like half of the shit I’m going to say over the next several posts.  But I would like to help you better understand what you’re actually up against.  What you’re really up against is a system that is designed to own your ass from cradle to grave in a country in which you are allegedly free.  I will be asking this over and over, so I’ll just start here… How do you control 300,000,000+ people with access to firearms?

Get ’em while they’re young, that’s what I always say. It starts off quite subtly in most peoples’ lives from the very start. When I asked if you could actually remember the taste of baby food, I was referring to the fact that Gerber was the baby food that I had and that Gerber is a Nestle owned company. Nestle, the very same company who’s company slogan is that “water is not a human right.” I even remember the cute little baby on the jar and the fact that old school glass baby food jars have a multitude of uses. Here’s the thing, though. Store bought baby food is really bad for you and is loaded with shit that you wouldn’t want in your own body, let alone your baby’s.  Pesticides could be in that applesauce you’re feeding your little tyke if you’re not watchful. But that’s not even where I’m going with this, because it wasn’t until I actually got sick and had to change the way I consumed foods that it really dawned on me.  I was with my wife, wandering around a CVS, and as I was meandering aimlessly down the baby products aisle that every drug store has, I noticed this…

As if the earliest developmental stages of a child’s life weren’t already a bad enough time to begin a systematic process of toxicity buildup, it gets even worse. The moment a child is old enough to feed himself or herself, what does the average American parent stock the cupboard with? Usually the same shit that they feed themselves, and more often than not, they don’t change their habits. They only get fatter and older and more unhealthy after years upon years of toxicity buildup. From early on, most of us who were born within the last 50 years or so have been pumped full of toxic additives, preservatives, pesticides, and artificial sweeteners.


I’m not trying to be the buzzkill here, but you really need to understand exactly what you’re up really against. They’ve got people eating a bunch of toxic foods from the cradle and are “graduating” babies and toddlers into salty snack addiction and sugar addiction in the earliest developmental stages of life, building up toxicity into adulthood. At the end of the day, the goal is to bring you right here,

original artwork (excerpt) courtesy of hotdogandbun

and keep you coming until they’ve sucked you dry of all your fortune and all your health. It’s no coincidence that healthcare services are at an all time high, right along with health insurance premium rates and coverage is at an all time low. The object, at the end of the day, is to completely keep you at the mercy of not necessarily “the government”, but to “the system.”


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